Why Plant Our HYBRID Castor Oil Plant?

Hybrid Castor Oil Plant – High Oil Concentration

We choose the high quality hybrid castor seeds for cultivation in order to maximize the return. In Malaysia, the wild castor seed contains only about 27 to 40% of castor oil. On the other hand, our castor hybrid seeds contain between 50% and 56% of castor oil. As confident source of biodiesel, it can grow on malnourished soils.

Low Cultivation Cost

Due to castor oil plant can survive in arid (extreme dry) conditions and on various types of soils, less care is needed during the cultivation process. It will grow on land not fit for food crops. Annual rain water of 500mm is sufficient for it to grow and can survive occasion short period of drought as the plant roots grow deep into the ground. No direct competition with existing farmland as it can be grown on degraded and marginal land. The cultivation technique is pretty simple compare to other crops. Therefore, it has substantially reduced the cost of cultivation and increase the profit margin.

Fast Return

The average cropping season for castor oil plants is only 120 days with 3 harvesting cycles per year. The rapid growth property of castor will increase the return of investment. Compare to some other plants such as palm tree and durian tree, farmer may need to wait for few years before harvesting. This increases the risk of business and slower return on investment.

High Harvest Yield Per Acre

Castor plant produces an average of 8 to 12 MT per annum and no re-planting is needed for it is a perennial crop with a life cycle of a minimum of 5 years.