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International Statistical

Global castor seed production is about 1 million tons per year. India top, accounting for more than 60% of the global yield. Followed by China and Brazil.Ricin is widely grown crop in Ethiopia. 70% of the supply in China is due to the increase in the demand of the domestic industry, the need to rely on imports.

Castor market price movements

Table castor oil castor beans offer in India in May 2010 – May 2011 castor price chart

Castor Oil the king in the second generation bio-fuels has high economic value, but also a wide range, castor seed content of up to 55-65% which can squeeze castor oil for about 45%-55% of high viscosity, low acidity, high temperature, not easily oxidized and difficult solidification characteristics, such as cars, boats, aircraft, machinery and equipment, the use of fine lubricating oil or brake fluid and not easy to condense below zero degrees Celsius and can be used for military purposes.

In addition, medicine can be extracted from the anti-cancer drug and can be used as laxatives, anti-inflammatory agents, pesticides, feed, fertilizer and other agriculture, industrial production of glycerol ,ink, soap, hair oil, nylon, plastic rubber, leather, oil, etc. Ricin can be said that the body is a treasure, castor leaves can be raised on castor silkworm, the castor stem (rod) can be prepared ropes, paper, processed into building materials clapboard castor meal rich in protein, the quality of high-protein feed after detoxification, a total of as many as 3000 uses.

World castor plantation has more than 300 million hectares, with an annual output of castor seed about 1.5 million tons of existing processing requirements still did not meet the basic needs of the market. The potential for development of planting castor industry chain provides a good opportunities.

Interpretation from another angle, ricin as a neonatal bioenergy, it is directly or indirectly derived from the photosynthesis of plants. In a variety of renewable energy in its energy sources is unique, it is the storage of solar energy, a renewable carbon source, can be converted into a conventional solid, liquid and gaseous fuels. Industry insiders believe that this green energy project is the fourth largest energy, biomass over the world reserves.

Trend in environmental protection and the imminent exhaustion of oil reserves, the development of “green energy” has become the axis of the world energy policy. With the continuous depletion of the world’s oil resources, scientists seek using vegetable oil as a substitute of petroleum products. Ricin has adaptability, high yield per unit area, high oil content, when the result when high-yield characteristics of castor oil as a bio-energy has become an inevitable trend, castor beans and castor oil demand will greatly increase, castor more and more attention as an important “energy crops”.

Planting castor are not only difficult to sell, and vigorously develop the castor plant imperative.