Plantation Cycle



The castor harvest period is about 120  days, maintain 8-10 years continuous harvest. In contrast, agricultural products provide the highest rate of return.

1. Soil Preparation

Castor can adapt to any soil, drought tolerant, salt-general soil as long as good drainage could grow, but the fertile soil of the previous crop requirements are not strict. Castor developed root system, large longitudinal width of more than two meters deep plowing, soil preparation is required for more than 24 cm of soil. Enough base fertilizer is the key to ensure that the castor high yield, castor require large amount of fertilizer, generally based manure applied per acre, organic fertilizer 6000-7000 kg, diammonium phosphate 60-70 kg, 40-45 kg of potassium sulfate.

2. The Sowing

In order to improve the rate of seed germination, planting can be carried out in the morning. Mulching far as appropriate sowing early sowing conditional growth period can be increased by about 15 days. Sowing generally use kinds of artificially points, spaced 80-100 cm 2 per hole, depending on soil fertility, leave 3000-3500 plants per acre, seed sowing depth about 6 cm, time after sowing, mulch, repression.

3. Field Management

Castor relatively easy to survive in the seedling stage, the best transplant is 3 leaves at the seedling stage.  3-4 leaf  per hole to stay one cultivator, weeding, earthing up. Castor thermometric crops, its roots deeper, thus burning early in order to improve the ground temperature. Cultivator timely weeding role also play another cultivator earth can also avoid the castor plant lodging, cultivators generally 3-4 times from emergence to flowering. Dressing, top-dressing for the first time in the first main ear bud stage, generally acre applied ammonium bicarbonate 180 kg. Second top-dressing at the fourth spike squaring of acres topdressing 120kg of ammonium bicarbonate. The entire technology, first the left main stem squaring the three near the main panicle stout branches as the primary branches, all of the following branches removed. The second time in 40days,knockdown each growing point.

4. Harvest

Capsule about 60% of brown are cracks in the ear mature successively staging harvest. Ventilation to dry after harvest promote ripening, good quality mechanical threshing. No mechanical the feet gently rub the fruit threshing. Seed aqueous 9% or less storage storage.