Comparison Between Castor And Other Seed Oil

Oil Palm



Assumption with same Planting Cost per Acre

2,300 USD

2,300 USD

2,300 USD

Nursery Period

9 Months

2 Months

Not Required

Flower & Fruiting

3 Years

6 – 9 Months

3 – 4  Months

Annual Yield per Acre

14  MT

4  MT

8 – 10 MT

Supply Seed Price

USD150 per MT

USD200 per MT

USD373 per MT

Oil Extraction Rate




Crude Oil Price (Approx. in Year 2010)

750 USD per MT

800 USD per MT

1,700 USD per MT

Investment per acre (Note 1)                                                   USD   2,300

Gross Returns per acre per year                                            USD   5,300

Gross Expenses per acre per year                                         USD   1,300

Approx. Net Returns per acre per year                                  USD   4,000     

(Note 1: Planting cost is an estimate based on land clearing cost, labour cost, soil treatment cost, fertilizer cost, basic equipment cost. However, there are a lot of variables according to differing situations and locations)