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From products developed in the oil, many acquired from the deep processing of castor oil and castor oil with environmentally friendly features and can be regenerated, therefore, castor oil is considered useful to the development of potential but also renewable “green oil” resources. Attaches great importance by many countries of the world, the United States will castor oil faithfully to one of the eight strategic material.

The castor seed oil sources with more than 3000 kinds of usage. Seeds containing 40-60% of castor oil, which is rich in triglycerides, the major elements of ricinolein. Castor leaf  can be make medicine. Modern medical research shows Ricin is an important anti-cancer substances, castor meal nutritious is quality organic fertilizer, is a high-protein feed after detoxification. Castor bean content 50% of oil then other oil crops. Its seed oil containing about 90% of the hydroxy fatty acids, the unique molecular structure castor is an important industrial oil crops, known as the “green renewable petroleum resources”, is an ideal alternative to oil-producing chemical raw materials vegetable fats and oils.


Castor oil has a viscosity, high burning point (not degenerate in the high temperature of 500-600 Celsius unburnt), low freezing point (not solidified at low temperatures of minus 18) than the major features, castor extraction of castor oil acid withh only raw material. Majority of bio-fuels product also can be obtained from the deep processing of castor oil acid. With the rapid development of the aviation industry and the chemical industry, castor oil has been widely used in the aerospace and precision instruments advanced lubricants, brake fluid and protective oil, also has a more widely used in national defense, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Synthetic castor oil as a raw material the resin pellets nylon 11, the current popular products on the international market, in automobiles, ships, machine tools, construction, military, medical and other industry products widely used. Industrially developed regions and countries such as the United States, Western Europe, has reached more than 300 kinds usage of chemical derivatives of castor oil generated by dilapidated a fat, the small resin, the main raw material for the production of lubricants, plastics, cosmetics, detergents, etc. Castor oil fatty acid composition, nearly 90% of castor alkyd after detoxification treatment, can produce health salad oil.

Castor oil cultivation by many countries of the world attaches great importance to the “green oil”.

Energy, environment and materials to a wide range of pressures and challenges facing humanity. Get rid of the oil crisis, energy conservation and maintenance of ecological balance has become the focus of attention.


Rich in annual or perennial herb. Smooth the whole plant, wax, usually green, bluish gray or purple; stems circular hollow branches; leaves are alternate, palmately split; panicles, unisexual flowers without petals female flowers born the upper part of the inflorescence, pink style, male flowers in the lower part of the inflorescence, yellow; capsule, barbed or not; oval seeds, seed coat is hard, shiny and black, white and brown markings.

Cultivation of a deep root crops. Thermophilic, but without high temperature germination. Kind of shell is more rigid and slower water absorption, sowing should be made sooner, when the temperature is stable at 10 degree C can be planted. Transplanting seedlings. Seedlings can withstand low temperatures around freezing. North castor early sowing may be extended growth period and increase production. Perennial castor ratoon stay planted before winter cut off the shoots, straw or film antifreeze warm covering with soil or manure, can also be used. Spacing of 65 to 100 cm is appropriate. 1 to 6 true leaves, put off the main stem terminal bud, to promote the growth and development of collateral. Harvest, when most of the capsule is dark brown or brown and cracks can be divided into harvest. Perennial castor continuous harvest about 10 years. Blight, leaf blight and bacterial spot disease. The main pests such as cutworms, bollworms, slug and castor army worm.

Process of Growth


Castor Info:-

  • Nickname : the hempseed old Asako, grass Ma
  • Scientific name: Ricinus Communis
  • Seed called castor the virgin oil called castor oil.
  • Origin in eastern Africa. India and Brazil are major growing countries.
  • Do lubricants do laxatives medicine, industry, or used as a landscape tree to watch its leaves.
  • Castor seeds constitute 65-85% of the total combined weight
  • Castor seed oil content of 45%-55%
  • Optimal growth temperature: 20 to 28c
  • Emergence to maturity: 3 to 4 months
  • Height: 2 to 4 meters (1 year)
  • The plant can be applied to the part: seeds, leaves, roots, stems.
  • 298 molecular weight of Castor Oil, Oil Viscosity, high burning point, in 660 degree Celsius at high temperature hydrolysis of deterioration, not burning. Freezing point is low at minus 18 degree Celsius without freezing.
  • Its is a monounsaturated fatty acid, soluble in pure alcohol, insoluble in water and certain degree of compatibility aliphatic petroleum solvents.
  • Castor oil in the pharmaceutical and industrial areas, known as the quality level of raw materials.
  • Every 2.2-2.5 Kg , 1Kg of Castor Oil can be extracted.
  • In many vegetable oils, Castor oil is the ONLY Raw Material for extraction of ricinoleic acid.
  • Castor leaf nutrient-rich, can be used for silkworm feed, paper, live cattle charcoal, oil cake can be as high protein feed off for anti-worm along the ground of biological pest control agent, its root base and the toxic protein will grate as insect repellent.
  • The average effective length of the fruits of Castor ear length 85cm, grain oval, reddish-brown seeds, weight 40.39 grams or so,
  • Castor’s root system, there are thick taproot and 3-7 larger lateral roots, Taproot is buried as deep as 6 feet to 12 feet, lateral flat up to 6 feet.
  • The life of Castor growth up to 5 to 10 years.
  • Castor growth for 27 to 34 degree Celsius.